Antiaging medicine.

Isn’t it a pity we can’t pop in an antiaging medicine pill to prevent us getting older.

Why do we concern ourselves about getting older?

If we didn’t get sick or develop things like heart difficulties, arthritis or other health problems, we wouldn’t bother ourselves very much about getting older.

As long as we can remain fit and enjoy ourselves who cares!

The only reason we get concerned is when our body begins to deteriorate and we can’t do the things we used to; then we start to concern ourselves.

Luckily for us we have a built in system which tries to correct the problem whenever we have some form of bodily malfunction.

How does the body do this?

Our body does this with our stem cells. These cells are dedicated to correcting any of our difficulties. Whenever we damage or cut ourselves, get an infection, our stem cells come to the rescue.

Anything we can do to improve the supply of these critical stem cells is going to play a big part in our welfare and health.


Vast sums of money is being spent on trying to use EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS to overcome a great list of physical difficulties.

For a long time the major approach was concentrated on embryonic stem cells, however this caused a lot of controversy.

However it is now realised that ADULT STEM CELLS have a tremendous ability to repair many physical difficulties and there is no religious or ethical disagreements in using these cells

By understanding and using these adult cells, this maybe the greatest medical discovery of all time. The future possibility this offers is enormous.

In the meantime a major discovery has been made that enables our body to release our own adult cells from our bone marrow and this is providing some huge improvements in a large number of physical problems.

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